Friday, August 3, 2012

Amazon Fresh may be Amazon’s Last Mile Solution.

Retail foodservice evolves and revolves.  While we all think that the world is evolving to fast.  That we think at times there is simply too much change occurring daily in our lives. It may be the retail food industry that reassures us that our food favorites keep us all grounded.  Amazon Fresh is integrating technology with consumer’s food preference for fresh food into success.

Consumers have long celebrated meals with fresh food.  Anyone who has visited Paris and The Louvre has seen pictures of fresh vegetables, meat and breads dating back 15 centuries and look just like they do today.  There are pictures tables stacked with eggplant, tomatoes, and carrots.  In addition there are Pictures of carts filled fresh food being delivered dating back just as far.

This week in The Food Institute Report in the Look Back in Time section we were reminded that in 1931 Walgreen’s had but 170 stores (today 7,900+ again selling fresh food).  They also reminded us that back in 1931 that food deliver by grocery stores had turned profitable.  Both First National and A&P were doing more delivery than ever before and it was profitable. 

Amazon Fresh understands the history of the consumer’s desire for convenience, time savings and pricing advantage.  Consumers have a long tradition and desire for food delivery.  Amazon Fresh utilizing technology might have found the perfect sustainable solution for fresh food home delivery.  Discounting is the price food retailers pay for being either boring or simply copy-cat marketers.  What value positioning do you bring to customers today?

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