Monday, August 13, 2012

Burger Chains are Moving Forward with Consumers.

The Hamburger is ready-2-eat, hand held and prepared to eat on the run, convenient, simple and affordable. Contrary to popular belief Americans do not eat hamburgers daily, not most Americans anyway.
Versatile, convenient, made to order burgers have been the mainstay of chains but now sandwiches, wraps fresh coffee with personalization, and portability are driving growth.  
During the past 4 decades hamburgers drove sales and propelled the overall OSR sector of the restaurant industry. Without a doubt the hamburger is now globally recognized as a penultimate American food.  Industry leader McDonalds is evolving from burger chain to restaurant café/chain and is leading the way.

McDonalds with innovative new products, continually reimaging stores and a focus on the consumer is the global leader in restaurant sales. In the United States the undercurrents of a burger sector in upheaval and transition is emerging for every position within the burger QSR sector except the top spot.

McDonalds is and will remain number one for many years to come after recently expanding its coffee and beverages offerings successfully.  They are now testing meaty chicken wings in three different flavors McDonalds is again expanding day-part reach and seasonal opportunity.  Will McDonalds cater your Super Bowl Party? They soon just might.

The upstarts Five Guy’s, Smashburger, Fatburger are garnering market share from largely legacy second tier players burger players.  Each is offering the consumer something new, fresh and “better for you”.   The next company in the burger QSR niche to watch will be In-N-Out Burgers. If In-N-Out Burgers does half as well in Texas as they do in California and Nevada they will accelerate growth and watch out. In-N-Out had a Pop-Up restaurant in Singapore last week.  In-N-Out sold out of product in five minutes.  Will In-N-Out follow Darden’s lead and franchisee internationally? Will remodeling or copy-cat menus be enough to propel legacy players?

Red Robin and Fuddruckers are fast getting on track and gaining back market share. The Hard Rock Café and TGI Fridays are trying to pull away from the burger category.  Will that work for them? We may have seen the tipping point at the mid-priced burger category now that seemingly all celebrities including the likes of, Bobby Flay, Emeril Legasse each have opened and are more and more gourmet burger restaurants.

Burger chains are moving forward with consumers are you? What are you selling and to whom this year?  What will your customers expect from you next year?  Who is interpreting your competitive market intelligence? Out-side eyes can make all the difference in Top line Sale and Bottom line Profits.

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