Saturday, October 13, 2012

Food Retailers Digital Signage is a Must.

Do you have a Smartphone?  Well most of your customers do. Visceral digital signage is all around us in fact most of your customer carry it with them all day long. Restaurants, grocery deli’s and C-stores all need to migrate to digital signage in order to maintain consumer relevance.

 Wal-Mart recently added digital signage to select end caps within their stores. I had a friend remark that after a recent visit to Wal-Mart she was impressed and please to see how viscerally attractive the store was.  Digital Visceral attractiveness is now a contemporary standard in retailing.

British Petroleum is installing Digital Signage at the Pump and in the store at over 1,000 units.   Digital signage is not an operational efficiency it is now a required step in the consumer’s path of contemporary progress. The consumer is not static they are dynamic all retailers must keep pace with the customer.

Supermarkets, Convenience stores and Restaurants all must avoid unwittingly practicing Brand Protectionism and saying no to items that consumer comes to expect.  Visceral attractiveness is now as important as cleanliness and service. The Grocerant sector is leveraging digital informational tools to build a strong consumer base.

Success does leave clues and one clue we have picked up here at Foodservice Solutions is customers do not take a step back they are dynamic and moving forward. Don’t let your brand unwittingly practice “Brand Protectionism”.”
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  1. Visceral attractiveness? How about intrusively annoying? That's what displays at gas pumps are.
    You've been listening to your own pitch too long!

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