Monday, October 8, 2012

Order On-Line Eat What You Want

Customization and Personalization Lead to Convenient Meal Participation, Differentiation and Individualization. Which are hallmarks of the ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh prepared grocerant niche and the platform for family meal cohesion.   That is the recipe for retail food success in 2012.

Ryan McDevitt published in April 2012 a study at The University of Rochester titled The Internet Lowers Inhibitions: Implications for the Long Tail, which found consumers are simply embarrassed to order what they really want in person at a restaurant but online those inhibitions dissipate.

Non-traditional food retailers the ilk of grocery stores, convenience stores, dollar stores and retail drug stores all should be looking at mobile or on-line ordering as a integral part of retail foodservice moving forward.

McDevitts researchers “analyzed 160,168 orders made by 56,283 unique customers from a regional, franchised pizza chain. The study reviewed orders beginning in 2007, evaluating the impact of adding a web ordering option in 2009 (accounting for 6.7% of their total orders). The average order price is $14.70. The online ordering system was very basic with little extra feature such as suggestive selling or online specials.

What they found is that the average item in an online order is 15.0% more complex and has 6.1% more calories, in addition to being 23.3% more obscure. In fact, the share of sales generated by the bottom eighty percent of items increased by 8.1% for Web orders - so be prepared for more sales of your unusual toppings or less popular appetizers.” All of which may be more profitable items as well.

Ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat Take-Out, Take-Away food continues to grow in popularity when combined with The 65 inch HDTV Syndrome sales in non-traditional avenues of food distribution will continue to grow.

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