Friday, October 19, 2012

Maggiano's Little Italy Understands Consumers, Food Retailing, and Success.

Maggiano’s Little Italy was the first United States full service chain restaurant chain to embrace the Grocerant Niche.   It was back in 2009 that we began telling you about Maggiano’s success within the fastest growing sector of retail foodservice. Yes, the Grocerant Niche.

Maggiano’s began with a current consumer focused, targeted promotion that they described as “sending guests who order a Classic Pasta home with a second dish on the house, compliments of the chef. The offering strongly resonated with guests looking for affordable dining options in a difficult economy, so the brand made the platform a permanent menu fixture in August 2010.”  Maggiano's was the first full service  restaurant chain to focus successfully selling fresh prepared food TO-GO, TAKE-AWAY in a big way.

While retail drug stores are now selling fresh prepared meal components TO-GO.  Grocery store deli’s continue expanding fresh prepared food offerings for TAKE-OUT,  all the while C-stores are moving from a QSR focus to a Fast Casual and Casual dining meal component focus all to garner market share from the restaurant sector.  Maggiano’s continues expanding its grocerant offerings with no plans to lose market share to anyone.

Maggiano’s October 2012 promotion is good for its customers, good for the community and a good brand edifying program.  The promotion is called "Buy One, Take One, Give One" offer by expanding the brand's generous Classic Pasta menu platform Monday, Oct. 22 and inviting all guests to take home a made-from-scratch, authentic Italian-American Classic Pasta on the house. On a day the brand is declaring National 'On the House' Pasta Day, anyone who dines at a participating Maggiano's restaurant – no matter what they order – can choose from a selection of handmade pastas and baked specialties, like Four Cheese Ravioli, Mom's Lasagna and Taylor Street Baked Ziti, to take home and enjoy the next day for lunch or dinner.”

Maggiano's "Buy One, Take One leverages the success of the ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh prepared food niche.  Maggiano’s customers know they have good; food this program strengthens brand loyalty. 

Where success reins others follow. Olive Garden is now utilizing classic restaurant copy-cat marketing techniques following in the success steps of Maggiano’s.  Leaders lead and I am assured that Maggiano’s continued success is assured for they continue stepping forward within the grocerant niche.  Is your company looking for grocerant niche success steps?  We have success clues. Need Help call us.

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