Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013 Pizza consumption remains at 9 % of meals consumed in the U.S.

What drives frequency within the Pizza Sector?  Consumer Edge Insight conducted a study this year to identify the most commonly-cited factors in determining which pizza take-out consumer like best and why.
Here are the finding as reported by David Decker President of Consumer Edge Insights:

  1. The restaurant patronized most often are good value (53%),
  2.  Convenient locations (44%),
  3.  Low prices (44%),
  4. Good discounts / Promotions
  5. Fast Service
 Decker found within that the survey included five of the largest pizza-takeout restaurant brands in the US: Cici’s Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Papa John’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut. Here is a list of who won the different attributes consumers value:

  1. The strongest perceptions for providing “good value” among past visitors were Little Caesar’s (45%) and Cici’s (43%).
  2. The top-scoring pizza-takeout brands for “convenient locations” were Pizza Hut (40%), and Domino’s and Little Caesar’s with 34% each.
  3. The top-scoring brands for “low prices” were Little Caesar’s (50%) and Cici’s (47%),
  4. The top-scoring brands for “good discounts/promotions” were Domino’s (39%) and Little Caesar’s (38%).
  5. Brands most likely to be perceived to offer “fast service” were Little Caesar’s (43%) and Cici’s (38%).
  6. When it comes to taste, Papa John’s was top-rated for having great-tasking” food by 44%

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