Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Starbucks Menu Magic Maybe Carbonated.

What has been roumered about Starbucks selling carbonated coffee must be driving Coca Cola and Pepsi wild. In test markets around the globe only, Starbucks is letting it’s customers carbonate not just juces and sodas but a selection of its coffee and tea beverages as well.   
This coffee beheamouth just may be jumping on the soda stream bandwagon of customization, personalization in a way that neither Pepsi or Coca Cola can compete today.  It’s akin to David taking on Goliath with bubbles.  
Braking new ground with new hit beverages the ilk of Frappuccio is nothing new for Starbucks. This time the “handcrafted sodas” that the company has been secretly testing using Sodastream-like carbonation machines behind the counters to add fizz to beveragres may become the Next Big Thing within the coffee sector.  
The test stores are reported in Japan, Singapore, Atlanta, and Austin, Texas.  In a move that spess branded success Starbusck has moved forwares to trademark the name FIZZIO.  In fact CEO Howard Schultz has called out soda as a new initative for the coffee gaint moving forward. 
Success does leave clues and Starbucks understands that the customer is dynamic not static and there is no doubt that Starbucks success is rooted in continuing to test and grow with dynamic not static innovation. 
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