Monday, May 12, 2014

Pret A Manger Gets ‘Better for You” Get Fresh Success

Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food has a consumer focused halo of ‘better for you’ according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™ Steven Johnson and that ‘halo’ continues to drive success at Pret A Manager.

Clive Schlee Chief Executive of Pret A Manager announced that sales were up last 15 percent in 2013 and profits were up 9 percent.  Pret A Manager is a global company with 350 stores and sales now exceeding 500 Million in sales. 

It appears that beverages are ‘better for you’ as well for Schlee reported that the “company now sells more cold-pressed vegetable juices than club sandwiches.”  While the menu is wide ranging it includes ‘better for you’ items from 500-calorie muffins to endamame bowls, quinoa protein pots, kale crisps, and hot and cold sandwiches Schlee said a “growing demand for healthy lunches was boosting business.

Pret's A manager is also finding success in multiple day parts including breakfast. Schlee, stated that its bestselling products last year were “porridge and bananas and that the company now sells more cold-pressed vegetable juices than club sandwiches.”
Most reveling was the fact that more and more customers want to eat on site.  Looking forward Pret A Manager will be shutting smaller takeaway outlets and opening larger ones with seating.  The Grocerant niche continues to expand and find new customers.  Pret A Manager is finding that it is ‘better for the company when food is focused and better for the customer”.  Fresh pressed is as powerful as fresh prepared.
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