Monday, March 23, 2015

Farm Stores Drive-Thru Drives Growth

The 60 year old Convenience stores company now with a drive-thru Florida based Farm Stores announced that they are plans to expand and franchise new units nationwide. Restaurants have made a huge progress since the added Drive-thru’s and franchised units, why not a C-store. 

Maurice Bared, Farm Stores COO stated “We are just now launching a national franchise rollout, and have a national distribution and sustainable building concept, which is pre-fabricated and modular. (Pictured above)
Finding the right solutions Farm Stores describes itself as a” hybrid grocery store, bakery, quick-service restaurant and convenience store operator. Each of its stores features a double-sided drive-thru and offers approximately 800 SKUs, including food and coffee products.”

This new focus all stated with the “popularity of its soft-serve ice cream is what prompted the company to roll out other foodservice items. Recently, Farm Stores reintroduced dinner options, including a rotisserie baked chicken in the take-home category. Baked in a bag, the chicken can be purchased and heated up at home, or heated at the store.”

Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food continues to drive success in every sector of retail foodservice.  Today foodservice accounts for more than 50 percent of Farm Stores Company volume, including both foods consumed at the moment of purchase and take-home.

Bared continued, “We sell a lot of soup and 70 percent of our soup business is what we call ‘for-the-moment,’ and 30 percent is packaged in 32-ounce take-home containers,” Bared said. “We also offer fresh tuna and chicken salads for take home or for-the-moment.”

Farm Stores is looking to the future as it develops  and is preparing to launch a pre-order app. The app will allow customers to place an order from home, the office or on the go, and pick it up at the store without leaving their car.

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