Sunday, May 24, 2020

'Potbelly Pantry' Did not go Far Enough

Restaurants around the world are trying to drive sales anyway that they can and as regular readers of those blog know selling pantry items for the home cook is a great idea conceived, elevated, and encouraged if not promoted, right here by Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.
So, when Potbelly Sandwich Shop is launched Potbelly Pantry our team had to take a deeper drive.  Potbelly Pantry enables customers the ability to stock up on Potbelly staples, the ilk of its famous hot peppers, fresh hand-sliced meats, cheeses, breads and even pre-portioned A Wreck and Italian sandwich ingredients. Out team wondered is that enough? Do customers want to build ‘A Wreck’?
Potbelly Executive Chef Ryan LaRoche, stated “Now you can get our fresh, delicious ingredients in bulk at Because life’s too short to miss out on great sandwiches.” Hungry and housebound Potbelly Pantry shoppers are able to keep the fridge stocked with exclusive Potbelly ingredients and sides:
Delicious hand-sliced, fresh deli meats and savory cheeses
Pre-layered and portioned meats for both A Wreck® and Italian sandwiches
Potbelly’s signature breads, designed to be toasted at home
Chips and bottled beverages
Potbelly’s famous Hot Peppers
Note: The fresh deli meats come in one-pound servings, cheeses are packaged in 10-ounce servings and signature breads are assembled in packs of six loaves to be toasted at home. Potbelly Pantry is available exclusively through  and the Potbelly app at participating locations. All deliveries include tamper-proof stickers to ensure safety.
So, what’s missing?  It’s clear to the meal at Foodservice Solutions® the since of discovery.  The what else can I make? If I had just one more item what could I make?  What would complement each and everyone of those items.  Clearly the team at Potbelly has not been reading or following our blog.  Success does leave clues and Potbelly has missed quite a few according to our team.
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