Friday, August 21, 2020

Technology Drives Sustainability in the Kitchen

Success does leave clues and saving energy while increasing efficiency is a sure way to win when your creating, cooking, or catering to grocerant niche consumers according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.
Some companies’ step-up to address issues that are both top-of-mind with consumers and foodservice operators driving efficiency and sustainability and American Range® is a recognized leader in the commercial food service industry, is doing just that. 
American Range has been delivering classic design and unmatched performance for the world’s most demanding kitchens in renowned restaurants, such as Wynn Las VegasRuth’s Chris Steakhouse and Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. American Range has a new smaller footprint unit that has sustainable features built in an it has ‘modular flexibility’ for ease of use while being energy-efficient.
So, American Range engineers and designers have created the perfect solution for kitchens with an intermediate use of their ranges such as virtual kitchens, grocerant meal component production, retirement homes, churches, catering and community centers, firehouses and schools, where standing-pilot equipment normally used in hotels and restaurants would implicate a minimum 7000 BTU of gas waste per hour, besides the risk of a constant gas smell. 
The new American Range Green Flame Range has an exclusive electronic on-demand ignition for gas burners, with a system that detects flame loss. If surface burner flame is lost, the ignition system relights automatically, which makes the Green Flame range efficient, safe and convenient.
Another industry first, the Green Flame Range from American Range is designed to satisfy every requirement of today’s demanding commercial cooking application’s and is available in many configurations. Not only is this range suitable for commercial installation but it is especially useful for smaller kitchens, eliminating tremendous cost and enhancing safety for any skill level of operator.
The all Stainless-Steel external body is a standard fixture for long service life and easy cleaning. Safety enhanced electric on-demand ignition is just one of the latest design and manufacturing technologies incorporated in this range to give you the best energy efficiency, quality and dependability.
Is it time for you to evolve your business, start a new virtual food outlet? Are you looking for a sustainable, flexible, efficient way to do all of that?  For detailed information about the Green Flame Range just click here or contact American Range at 888.753.9898.
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