Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amazon FRESH, Sears and Café W what’s making waves in groceries!

Are you still operating a 60,000 SQF legacy grocery stores or is it your goal to open a 70,000 SQF store? If so why? Consumer's change slowly, technology is fast and getting faster. Consumer are now catching up, open to new avenues of distribution, and they are beyond experimenting, they are settling in.

Ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat Grocerant niche food is available almost anywhere you are! From coast to coast the more and more consumer can now get food fast. Two of the world’s top retailers are delivering groceries to your door both Amazon via Amazon-Fresh and Sears Holdings via Sears. Amazon, in the Seattle area and Sears in New York City / Long Island and maybe everywhere else from fresh food Walgreens.

Café W operated by world class retail drug store chain Walgreens has expanded their footprint into fresh prepared food. The consumer has evolved, the process of shopping has become faster and faster. Each of these huge retailers understands this and it’s there way to proactively complement the consumer.

When it comes to delivering on the promise to deliver fresh food fast, the company that best blends in fresh prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat food that is “deemed” better for you, will win the largest share of the consumers dollars. The company that is doing the best job currently just might come from the restaurant niche in the from of Boston Market. If success leaves clues one clue is clear in the Fresh Food space: the status quo will not work.

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