Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Restaurant Online Brand Image Taking charge of your online world.

Consumers are looking for your restaurant products online, in the grocery stores and for your unit locations. Your brand is in the minds eye of the consumer even when your not. Have you ever wondered what they thought about your Brand while they were on line looking?

Onlinebrandimage.com was designed to address the needs of your business today. Each tool is designed to help your company to:

1. Drive your Brand’s online performance

2. Increase Customer interaction and loyalty

3. Build awareness, image and market share for long term success

Marketing tool kits today require a proactive, pro-social media tool. I have found one that will assist you in edifying your brands On-Line Awareness Index (OAI) and Restaurant Quality Index (RQI). Both tools these state of the art tools are exclusively focus on the retail foodservice industry and proprietary to ONLINE BRAND IMAGE® please visit :www.onlinebrandimage.com for tools to double your current online index score.

RQI is the state of the art tool that can contribute to your long term growth and profitability. Every digital marketing strategy must vertically integrate with your Brand, with the goal of obtaining measurable results. These tools will allow you to measure mark and manage you brands online image to your advantage.

Moreover, the growing impact of social media and online rating web sites make it imperative that every organization has effective marketing tools that help them measure and manage their web results and plan for competitive success

If your interested in obtaining a very informative, quick and easy to view presentation. Email me directly at: stevejohnson77@msn.com  and I will get it right out to you.  I am confident you will see its benefits immediately for additional information visit Steven Johnson on Facebook.


  1. Very interesting! The evolution of the web will surely change shopper's behavior in amazing ways. WM