Monday, June 28, 2010

Retail foodservice upping the game for share of stomach: advantage consumers.

Convenience stores continue to improve there fresh food offerings industry leaders Wawa, Sheetz success have inspired or pressured 7 Eleven into multiple fresh prepared food test around the globe and currently they are rolling out new fresh prepared food offerings here in the US. Casey’s is the target of a corporate takeover in large part due to the success of there fresh food offerings.

Recently 1642 C-store chain, The Pantry unveiled its new fresh food options that not only include warm breakfast sandwiches and fresh fruit with a wider assortment of pastries and fresh salads, but they have focused additional attention on traditional QSR metrics Fast and Friendly service with Clean stores.

Target continues to benefitting from entrance into fresh food sales and now is planning to offer meat, fruits, vegetables and dairy in even more stores over the next three years. Both Target and Walmart are expanding the fresh prepared food niche as well improving and expanding offerings.

Amazon Fresh yes, that is from and Sears are both offering grocery deliver. It’s clear that if each expands into fresh prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat they will garner both consumer loyalties while increasing frequency.

Food trucks and mobile Kiosk are sell authentic food just down the block from traditional brick and mortar legacy chain restaurants. They are also selling food for much less and the perception for fresh, authentic is building a legion of followers. The grocerant niche of fresh prepared, portable food that is better for you is on the move. How are you positioned to grow your share of stomach?

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