Thursday, May 10, 2012

Amazon Fresh is driving change in the European food marketplace.

When you are ready-2-eat do you think Amazon Fresh?  Well maybe I should take you one-step back then bring you two steps forward.  Amazon launched online grocery shopping in Great Britain (London) then rolled it out in Germany a couple of years ago.  Last year they began selling food in the US (Seattle) via Amazon Fresh. Amazon may have found that last mile solution with Amazon Fresh. Ok that’s one step back and one forward so let’s continue moving forward.

Amazon fresh has built a trust with consumers. While Amazon Fresh was scoffed at by analyst and critic’s, Amazon understands retail, the consumer and the last mile solution goal.  In research just released by IGD ShopperVista, “The Connected Shopper” revealed “Eight out of ten (78% of) European shoppers believe internet and mobile technology could improve their food shopping experience in the future.”

Another 69% of smartphone or tablet owners say they would like promotions sent to their devices based on items that they would like to buy. Amazon’s retail success is increasingly shaping how Europeans do their food shopping and soon that same may be true for here as well.

The successful growth of the grocerant niche is about convenient meal participation, differentiation and individualization; when you combine all three you’re talking personalization.  Amazon is a retail king when it comes to personalization, promotions and deal bundling.   Food retailers its time to take notice.

Retailing food will never be the same, Amazon Fresh, Peapod, Walgreens fresh ready-2-eat food.  Who is going to be your largest competitive threat in 5 years?  Take-Away food, Drive-Thru food now E-mobile food.  When the consumer is ready-2-eat or ready for heat-N-eat will they be thinking of your brand?

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