Tuesday, January 29, 2013

KFC’s is back in the grocerant hunt focusing on Superbowl Sunday.

Arguably KFC’s was the first American chain grocerant selling ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh prepared meals for the time starved family.  With bundled meal components from the very beginning KFC understood that mix and match meal bundling was both consumer interactive and an invitation for family fun time.  Yet they somehow lost track of consumer contemporized relevance.
“Couchgating” incorporates the consumer value attributes of the Kentucky Fried Chicken of old. It’s an invitation to interact with the brand, bundle meal components with legacy menu items and contemporized menu items as well.  “Couchgating” has yet to catch fire, however it shows that the marketing team is on-target with consumer desires and brand valued attributes.
KFC needs to keep in mind that the price, value, service equilibrium continues to reset with consumers.  It’s time they quite capitulating market share and integrate the 5 P’s of food marketing fully into the KFC brand.
Restaurant chains striving to garner share within the grocerant niche must include the 2013 grocerant formula for success which is:  (Product + Price + Placement + Portability + Packaging) + Mobile Interactive Participation.

Success does leave clues and KFC is seemingly getting back in-line with consumer wants, and needs. “Couchgating” incorporates many favorable consumer retail attributes but not enough.

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