Monday, January 28, 2013

New Restaurant, Grocery, C-Store Food, Price, Value, Service Success Formula

Consumers are experimenting with (buying) traditional food from non-traditional points of distribution, format’s and concepts.  Everything is on the table from Burger King’s Burger Bar, Wawa’s Fast Casual To-Go, Amazon’s fresh food Spotlight, Walgreens fresh food, Papa Murphy’s take-N-bake, Pinkies sandwich’s and casseroles To-Go, Whole Foods Fresh Prepared Grocerant meal components.

These new offerings combined with consumers the on the go lifestyle’s have created a mobile meal mania in some markets.  Where experimenting has created a platform of consumer food shopping pattern discontinuity.  The opportunities for restaurants, grocery stores and C-stores to garner share of stomach have never been better.  The winners will be those to experiment with consumers not those who sit back and wait.

The 2013 retail formula for success is:

 (Product + Price + Placement + Portability + Packaging) + Mobile Interactive Participation
Consumers are on the move, 6 million cut the cable cord in Q4 2012.  Less that 36% of households get the newspaper. 5 % of U.S. new business now have no line phone service. Multi-generational households are on the rise and ready-2-eat multi-ethnic meal components are in increasing demand.

Are you positioned to fight for share of stomach?   If success leaves clues the dynamic nature of consumers will continue to lead the way.  Differentiation does not mean different in the mind’s eye of the consumer it means familiar. Consumer food retail discontinuity does not have to mean sale disequilibrium.
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