Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mix and Match Meal Bundling is Driving Food Retail Success.

What is menu magic? Are you a restaurant or food merchant? Starbucks is a food merchant, outstanding food retailer and restaurant that consumers continue too coverage almost daily.  Do you place limits on your restaurant menu? If you do you might be limiting you retail value as a food merchant.  What food are you selling? Who are you selling it to? Where are they eating, consuming it?

If success leaves clues Non-traditional fresh food retailer SavOn Convenience Stores have picked up many from fresh food retailers and is reaping rewards.  SavOn owned by the Oneida Indian Nation recently added drive-thru's to the mix where customers can now pick up fresh brewed coffee, fresh doughnuts without having to park or enter the store.

Sean Brown, SavOn's operations director, stated "The on-the-go lifestyle of guests is increasing and we needed to be more convenient," … "As a guest fuels up, it is very convenient to drive up to the window and get moving very quickly."

After reviewing customer feedback on the new drive-thru’s Brown began to add products to sell at the drive-thru, with the latest addition being K-Cups. Brown said “"We have a K-Cup program that is very popular, with strong sales in our stores; guests said they wanted it offered at the drive-thru,” … "We are going to tailor the offerings to their feedback. Breakfast sandwiches are something we are planning for the near future based on the demand as well." Customer wanted K-cups for both home and office.

SavOn sell packs of them, they also offer a mix-and-match program that allows guests to create their own six-, 12- or 18-pack. "They are wildly popular, and customers are able to try different flavors,"

CS News On-line reports that SavOn has seen double-digit growth week over week in the number of people using the option. During the launch, customers took advantage of the promotional offer of a 16-ounce coffee and a Daylight Donut at the drive-thru for only $1.49.

Mix and Match Meal bundling should be driven by consumers demand not by marketing managers or menu developers practicing brand protectionism all the while placing limits on the brands retail success.

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