Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Outback Steakhouse at Home

The ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh prepared food niche growth continues to outpace all other sectors of retail foodservice.  Restaurants today need to become good food merchants; not just restaurateurs serving one meal a person in store at a time. Outback Steakhouse has edified consumer relevance with its “Curbside Take-Away and Online Ordering”.

Time-starved, quality focused, consumers want Outback's convenient Curbside Take-Away® Online Ordering.  Integrating ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat options that are as easy as point, click, and eat or in Outback’s case head to your local Outback and pick up your favorite items make life easy. That is a win for Outback and a win for consumers.
Restaurants need to understand that the line between restaurants and food retailers is growing ever thinner. The fight for America's food dollars continues to intensify as consumers find fresh prepared ready-2-eat food options at a wide and growing array of outlets across almost every channel: convenience stores, chain drug stores, restaurants, grocery stores, club stores, vending and even more non-food retailers like dollar stores. In an Omni-channel food retail world restaurants can no longer think that they operate in a single environment.
While food retailers and restaurants worry about choice overload, consumers have embraced their new choices and show no signs of returning to the old ways. This fight is taking place in what is called the grocerant niche. Restaurants like Outback that expand brand focus on “share of stomach” rather than just table turns will be winning in food retail for years to come.
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  1. Yes, Outback online ordering WAS great. I used it at least once a month for a long time. However, the last time we ordered the food was not ready when we got there. They had just gotten the order right before we arrived at the stated pickup time. We had to wait another 20 minutes...not a big deal because we know things happen, but still, it was an issue.

    Thought it was a fluke, until tonight, when I tried to place an order online. I went to the website, which connected me to the Snapfinger ordering site. I entered my first item and clicked on "continue ordering", and I got a page that said I needed to go to to get the new online ordering app. I did, and there is nothing there. I looked all over the web and in the Google Play store and there is nothing about this app anywhere.

    They are making a big mistake by trying to fix something that wasn't broken. It was the only way I ordered, because when you call in an order, nine times out of ten it isn't right when you pick it up. I contacted Outback and am waiting for a response.