Friday, May 10, 2013

Whole Foods Too Double the Number of Units Garnering Sales from Restaurants

Whole Foods future focus of success is simple, continue garnering customers from restaurants. Accelerating new store growth with smaller footprint units Whole Foods is doing all the right things. Whole Foods new units with a focus on “better for you” fresh prepared food is the secret sauce to successfully double its store count, drive top line growth and bottom line profits all the while winning the food retail share of stomach game.

Chain restaurant executive board rooms on the other hand have barely begun to repositioning future focus away from just restaurant competition to include grocery store delis, Convenience stores, and Drug stores.

Restaurants need to worry about the expanding fresh food marketplace.  In a study conducted by The NPD Group they found that “supermarkets have enjoyed 46 million more out-of-home eating visits in 2012 compared with three years ago”.  The customer is on the move grocery stores know it, C-stores know it and drug stores know it.  The Grocerant Niche is Booming. Are you watching, or joining customer migration into the evolving grocerant space?

Regular readers of this blog know we have help companies develop grocerant niche success paths since 1991.  If success leaves clues having other edify our work is one of them.  The NPD Group does good work and 46 million customers migrating has now caught the eye of The NPD Group as well.

Guy Fielding, director of business development for the NPD Group, stated: “Previously more traditional restaurants would typically benefit from people not wanting to cook or having nothing in, but more and more consumers are answering this need with a trip to a supermarket; in many cases choosing the smaller local c-stores with their extensive prepared ready-to-eat meals and snacks”.

Whole Foods success based in smaller footprint units and fresh food is a clear and simple clue for others. Integrating Foodservice Solutions 5P’s of Food Marketing is another.

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