Monday, August 12, 2013

Betty Crocker Branding Beyond the Box and CookBook

Quality never takes a step back. Consumers evolve even as that age.  General Mills is very good at understanding that consumers are dynamic not static. In an effort to elevate brand relevance with legacy brand loyal consumers General Mills is experimenting with a new play for the “Betty Crocker Generation”.

General Mills is now producing a new product line of frozen full meals to be sold via delivery service.  Yes, just like the pizza man but consumers favorites. Here is the idea market the meals to seniors, and the children of seniors worried that their parents are cooking or eating properly. In fact they are considering offering a packaged plan for hospitals too offer seniors living alone or not capable of cooking for a while after returning home.

The new line of products can be found under the moniker Betty Crocker Kitchens.  The  food-delivery service, is partnering with supermarket operator Coborn’s and focusing on the senior demographic at first.

The service is a pilot, but if it works in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, General Mills could take it to other markets
It would likely need new distribution partners if it goes that route, of course, because Coborn's only has delivery service in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas other grocery chains may welcome the service.

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