Sunday, August 18, 2013

Food Trucks a Day-Part Stealer Pop Up Food Courts

Food Trucks have dotted the outside of office and industrial complex for 50+ years. In 2003 with new found enthusiasm they seemingly began expanding anew garnering attention time around from culinary trained chef entrepreneurs. Consumers today believe food trucks have more authentic food than most restaurants.

Chef entrepreneurs may at first seems as hard as cats to herd, but today food trucks, food scooters, and customized mobile carts are organized and holding Events, renting baseball stadiums, water front parks, urban-parking lots on weekends hosting “self-produced” events and introducing themselves to the local community.   They are advertising the event even creating a destination event for food albeit a one night or one day stand.

The Food Truck mania reportedly peaked in 2010 according to IBIS World research but food truck sales continue to post positive year or year sales growth.  We at Foodservice Solutions® believe sales will continue to grow in this sector at a modest rate.  However when you add the food scooters and resurging mobile cart industry this sector is far from stale or tapering. 

Mobile food on wheels can be found showing up in surprising numbers at state fairs, street/city/town festivals, farmers markets, airport cell phone lots, and as Pop up food court events focused and authentic mobile edibles.  Working where and when they want the mobile food niche is on the rise and direct competition for restaurants on weekend and week days. 

Culinary trained or not, chefs and food entrepreneurs have for a vehicle to build a brand following, test new products, evaluate new equipment, and reach consumers searching for The Next Big Thing.

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