Thursday, January 30, 2014

Breakfast Battlefield can you compete on quality and price?

Have your breakfast sales been slipping of late?  Thinking about entering the Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat food space?  Then you may want to read what General Mills found in their recent research survey. The survey conducted of shoppers, aged 18 to 54, who buy food or beverages in the morning from a fast-food restaurant, coffee shop, convenience store or fast-casual restaurant at least monthly.

The General Mills survey found that “c-store shoppers are prime away-from-home morning food consumers. More than half of respondents said they visit a fast-food restaurant or bring food from home but eat it on the go during an average week. Additionally, 48 percent visit a c-store and 45 percent visit a coffee shop.”
The top five factors in consumers mind when choosing where to buy food in the survey were:
  1. Fresh-tasting food (62 percent rated this as extremely important)
  2. Great-tasting food (61 percent)
  3. Clean location (61 percent)
  4. Convenient location (58 percent)
  5. Good value for money (56 percent).
Chris Quam, consumer insights manager for General Mills Convenience & Foodservice stated that "Convenience stores have a great foundation for winning at breakfast,"… "Their convenient location and speed of service is an undeniable advantage.”

 QSR’s operators need to be mindful of industry food trends and the pace of the evolving consumer and consumer perceptions about fresh prepared food.

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