Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Giant Food Stores, Wegmans, Whole Foods Vs Chipotle, Chili’s and Panera Bread

United States consumers are migrating from restaurants to grocery stores and convenience stores at an alarming rate.  If you’re a grocery store that is understaffed you had better step up with a grocerant labor matrix or if you are a restaurant overstaffed it time for expanding your market positioning into the grocerant niche according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™.  There is a battle brewing for share of stomach are you winning? If not call Foodservice Solutions® as outside eyes can drive sales and profits.

Regular readers of the blog know we have regularly documented the customer count shrinkage within the restaurant sector.  This new report on sandwich trends from Packaged Facts found “that food retailers are an increasing source of competition for restaurants selling sandwiches”.

The Packaged Facts report “Sandwiches: Culinary Trend Tracking Series,” found that:
1.        16% of respondents reported having bought a sandwich from a supermarket or convenience store in the past week.
2.       Overall, 79% of U.S. adults said they ate a sandwich in the past seven days.

Hand held food for immediate consumption continues to be a favorite of consumers. The 16% of consumer’s number that have bought a sandwich from a grocery store is a telling number.  That number reflects a new level of customer migration / acceptance of grocery store fresh prepared food that restaurants simply don’t want to acknowledge. 

One reason for the migration is the ‘restaurant quality’ sandwich flavor selection the Packaged Facts report “highlighted eight trending sandwiches, including international options like Croque Monsieur, tortas and cemitas, and Cubans; health-focused “garden tartines” and protein-based salads; brisket sandwiches; breakfast sandwiches; and sweet & savory sandwiches made with jam.” Ok to me that does sound like restaurant quality.  I get.  Do you?  Are you ready for a Grocerant ScoreCard? 

David Sprinkle, research director, Packaged Facts, said in a press release. “This focus dovetails with two of the most important consumer drivers in the sandwich market, the demand for flavor adventure and authenticity.” Grocery stores are evolving faster today than are restaurants.  

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