Monday, August 31, 2015

Fast Food and Fresh Fruit Drive Sales

For all the talk about McDonald’s recently few remember that back in 2004 Mc Donald's added apple slices to Happy Meals in 2004.  That one event has simply put has been a sales driver like no other for apple growers. According to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™ fresh fruit is fast food and regular readers of this blog know that.

Restaurant foodservice has fueled Apple sales since 2004, said John Rice, president of Rice Fruit Co. “Fresh sliced apples was a category that was growing rapidly when all the fast-food chains were following McDonald’s lead in offering fresh sliced apples in a number of menu options,”

7-Eleven trying to enter the fresh fast food niche has started selling single whole bananas, apples and other whole fresh fruit however has not received the recognition, customer adoption or sale bump that McDonalds has from sliced apples.

Our own Grocerant Guru™ was one of the first to break the news about McDonald’s offering mandarins ‘cuties’ and yogurt in kids’ meals instead of offering only apple slices. Fresh fruit is a natural for McDonalds and other retailers trying to attract the ‘better for you’ consumer.

Fresh fruit is a great alternative to french fry’s or legacy CPG deserts.  It is a great snack any time of day and the ability to get ‘better for you’ food via a drive-thru will only continue  drive top line sales and bottom line profit for both fruit growers and retail outlets. 

As on McDonald’s operator told us “an apple a day keeps the drive-thru bustling’. Today the halo around fresh apple cider is ‘better for you’ and Foodservice Solutions® team expects to see retailers selling single portion fresh cider soon as well. 

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