Friday, August 28, 2015

Sheetz Driving Top Line Sales Focusing on “better for you’

Sheetz, with over $6.9 Billion in annual revenue continues to drive innovation, engaging customers with ‘better for you’ products. Sheetz is one of America's fastest growing family-owned chain restaurants that also sell’s gasoline. 

You don’t have sales close to $7 Billion a year by doing the same thing over and over again.  Sheetz is a dynamic not a static company always evolving with the consumer. This week Sheetz announce the “launch of its new Sheetz Bros. Coffee rolling out in over 500 stores companywide. The coffee features four signature blends with a light to dark progression, freshly ground in every store and served in a new environmentally-friendly cup.”

Ryan Sheetz, Director of Brand Strategy stated: "This new premium coffee elevates the sensory experience for our customers," …"With four blends, seventeen creamer and flavor options and a full line of latte and mocha beverages, Sheetz customers have over 1,000 different ways to customize their coffee." 

Just as important Ryan Sheetz went on to say; "The updated cups are fully recyclable, BPA-free and made out of #5 polypropylene – one of the safest materials used to package foods,"  with this implementation we  will divert approximately 2,300,000 cups from landfills every year."

With a continued and growing focus on ‘better for you food’ Sheetz will be able to garner additional customers with these new products as it continues to build upon its award-winning menu of  Made Too Order (MTO) sandwiches and salads, which are ordered through unique touch-screen order point terminals expanding customer relevance according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™.

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