Thursday, March 10, 2016

Casey’s General Store Expanding Non-traditional Points of Distribution

Success does leave clues and as regular readers of this blog know Casey’s General Stores has been a grocerant niche success for over seven years.  Casey’s has reported a 46 plus percent sales increase in prepared food over the just the last three years. 

Casey’s Chief Financial Officer Bill Walljasper has driven the success in Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food.  At Casey’s a large part of that success has come from expanding the sale of Pizza, which created a new platform for branded customer messaging, customer trial, and branded invitations and it all worked according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®. 

Walljasper’s team is now finding incremental success extending the brand into new non-traditional points of distribution including the mobile App that was reported on this blog last.  Today Casey’s has had 200,000 plus  App Downloads & Counting and it Walljasper noted that “food orders made via mobile bring higher basket ring.”
 “We are getting good traction with the mobile app,” he reported. “The results should be seen late in our fiscal fourth quarter or early in our 2017 fiscal year.”  Success does leave clues and Casey’s culled the best of the best and refined them into custom products with differentiation. 

One such point of differentiation in non-traditional points if distribution is Casey's executives noted during Tuesday's call that the chain's pizza delivery program. They noted that the delivery test is working so well that they plan to add more than 400 units soon. 

However as our Grocerant Guru® has mentioned previously in our blogs Casey’s is so pleased with the delivery program, in fact, that it may add additional product offerings most notably, grocery items.  Adding the grocery items to the pizza delivery will drive additional incremental success for Mix and Match bundling it the hallmark that is driving the growth of the grocerant niche. 

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