Monday, March 21, 2016

Would your Prepared Food Pass or Fail a Grocerant SocreCard

Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® in a proprietary study found that “Consumers prefer Eating-Out when Eating-In”.  The same study found that the preference of where the food the consumer opted to buy their fresh prepared meal components did mater.  Retailers that scored 8.5 out of 10 when a Grocerant Scorecard was conducted had a 75% higher customer return rate the same week.  

The truth be told most grocery stores did not score well when consumers were polled in a separate study conducted by Tyson Foods titled “Consequences of Failure”.  Here are just some of the alarming findings:
1.       About half (48 percent) of people shopping for prepared chicken in supermarket deli sections have experienced some type of problem.

2.       Consumers who reported problems in the deli experienced a 25 percent decline in satisfaction with their prepared food shopping experiences, noted a 17 percent decline in their likelihood to shop in prepared foods again, and were 22 percent less likely to recommend the prepared food section to others.

3.        One in three consumers reported long wait times, one in four reported that the purchased product was too dry, and one in five reported that the product was unavailable.
4.        34 percent had a staff-related problem, which was up from 31 percent in the last set of surveys. Common staff problems included unfriendly or even rude staff, unhelpful staff, and unknowledgeable staff.
5.       Shoppers reporting staff problems, 37 percent had recurring problems. Staff problems led to a 21 percent decline in the likelihood to recommend a grocery store for prepared foods, and 39 percent reported not revisiting a grocery deli location for a short period of time after a staff problem.
6.        A full 70 percent of shoppers surveyed for reported product problems,
7.       39 percent reported recurring problems.
8.        77 percent didn’t report recurring problems, which makes addressing problems all the more challenging. 68 percent of shoppers reporting deli issues with product availability

Food quality never takes a step backwards in the minds-eye of the consumer according to Foodservice Solutions® team.  Is your team Looking A Customer Ahead?  

Remember that since 1991 the Team at  has been assisting companies grow, expand, and excel within the grocerant niche.  Are you ready for Outside Eye’s for inside profits?  Have we completed a Grocerant Scorecard for your company?  Are you ready for a Grocerant program assessment? Call: 253-759-7869 today.

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