Saturday, December 4, 2021

Honey Baked Ham Company Fresh Fast Holiday Meal Solutions


At the intersection of being time-starved and lacking the skill-set to cook a holiday meal from scratch, The Honey Baked Ham Company has a great set of solutions for anyone that is looking for a great holiday meal any time this holiday season according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

So, if you are an out-of-practice host or a first-time host, The Honey Baked Ham Company has you covered for all your holiday gatherings with simple ways to serve, gift and shop during the festive season. They have everything from delicious holiday meals with convenient ordering options to unique host gifts, HoneyBaked is dedicated to helping everyone spend less time in the kitchen and more time reuniting with their loved ones this Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving.

HoneyBaked's holiday meals, even have a brand-new full-flavored brunch option. HoneyBaked entrees are fully-cooked and undeniably delicious. They include savory hams, turkeys and sides, perfect for any and all Friendsgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s get togethers.

Here are some of your grocerant niche options:

·         For the Seasoned Host: Serving 12 to 16, the Signature Ham and Turkey Feast will feed all guests (with leftovers to follow). Enjoy the 24-hour slow smoked Honey Baked Ham, Bone-In Half, with the signature sweet, crunchy glaze. The meal also includes a lighter, more delicately flavored Turkey Breast that pairs perfectly with the Cranberry Walnut Chutney. It's not Thanksgiving without the sides. And this meal comes with four Heat 'N Serve Sides, two varieties of choice. Made from the finest and freshest ingredients, these include Green Bean Casserole, Maple Sweet Potato Souffle and Double Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese.

·         For a Small Party of Ham-Lovers: Try HoneyBaked's Bone-In Quarter Ham Meal. Slow cooked and glazed to perfection, this ham is just right for gatherings of four to six. The meal includes two Heat 'N Serve Sides – delicious complements to the savory ham.

·         For the Traditional Holiday Host: Take home the classic Turkey Dinner made with 100 percent premium white meat turkey breast, along with your choice of two or three Heat 'N Serve Sides.

·         But First, Brunch: For those who cannot wait until dinner, try the new HoneyBaked Brunch that comes with a quarter ham, two Heat 'N Serve Sides, HoneyBaked bacon and coffee cake. This will have you ready for a nap (and another slice of coffee cake) before the main attraction!


Ah, yes once again there is more, to gift fellow Ham Fan and foodie hosts, HoneyBaked has unique, and tasty ideas like the Southern Pecan Pie, signature sauces, or a gift card so they can pick their favorite dish.

JoAnn Herold, Chief Marketing Officer at The Honey Baked Ham Company, stated, "As people are opening up their homes again to those near and far, we want to help families and friends reconnect over the shared experience of a comforting meal – one without the stress that can sometimes come with menu planning and prep". …"HoneyBaked is here to help celebrate time together while making memories that will last beyond the holiday season."

Gen Z and Millennials will find incremental relevance in the fact that ordering this year's holiday meal has never been easier. Meals and gifts can be purchased in store or bought online and picked up at the nearest HoneyBaked location. Select products can also be ordered at and be shipped right to the doorstep.

Looking one customer ahead, families planning ahead, The Honey Baked Ham Company is offering Gold Pick-Up Days. This special offer includes $5 off any Bone-In Half Ham or holiday meal for early pickup at retail stores between November 21 – 22, 2021 (coupon required).

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