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Is your Food Marketing Calander Ready for 2024


If you have just a few holes in your restaurant, convenience stores or bodega food marketing Calander or if you have been running behind and have not started. Here are some ideations and according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® “you might want to look at this list of ideations from the just in case one of your own ides does not work as planned.

To start with; January is Hot Tea Month, Oatmeal Month and National Blood Donor Month.

“January also kicks off with National Buffet Day and Buffet Week. Special food days for menu marketing include days celebrating Apricots, Beans, Bittersweet Chocolate, Blonde Brownies, Blueberry Pancakes, Buttercrunch, Cheese, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Corn Chips, Creampuffs, Croissants, English Toffee, Hot and Spicy Foods, Marzipan, Milk, Pastrami, Peach Melba, Peanut Brittle, Peanut Butter, Pie, Popcorn, Rhubarb, Shortbread, Spaghetti, Strawberry Ice Cream, Tempura and Whip Cream.

For beverage marketing, warm your guests up with something special on Hot Buttered Rum Day, Hot Toddy Day, Irish Coffee Day and Bloody Mary Day.

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For social media and offline marketing, the following days offer up fun and unique opportunities: Backward Day, Compliment Day, Cuddle Up Day, Ditch New Years Resolutions Day, Dress Up Your Pet Day, Fruitcake Toss Day, Global Belly Laugh Day, Hat Day, Hug Day, Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, Kazoo Day, Make Your Dream Come True Day, Opposite Day, Puzzle Day, Rubber Duckie Day, Science Fiction Day, Sweatpants Day, Talk Like a Grizzled Prospector Day, Trivia Day and Winnie the Pooh Day.

Also, whether a restaurant owner or guest, be sure to show your appreciation this month by celebrating and honoring Be Kind to Food Servers Month and National Thank You Month.

Here’s your Restaurant Marketing Calendar for January:

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Be Kind To Food Servers Month
National Hot Tea Month
National Oatmeal Month
National Slow Cooking Month
National Soup Month
National Blood Donor Month
National Thank You Month

1 – New Year’s Day
1 – Bloody Mary Day
1 – Commitment Day
2 – National Buffet Day
2 – National Cream Puff Day
2 – National Science Fiction Day
2 – Motivation and Inspiration Day
3 – National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
3 – National Fruitcake Toss Day
4 – National Spaghetti Day
4 – National Trivia Day
5 – National Whipped Cream Day
5 – National Bird Day
6 – National Bean Day
6 – National Shortbread Day
6 – Apple Tree Day
6 – Cuddle Up Day
7 – National Tempura Day
8 – National English Toffee Day
8 – Clean Off Your Desk Day
8 – Argyle Day
9 – National Apricot Day
9 – National Cassoulet Day
10 – National Bittersweet Chocolate Day
11 – National Hot Toddy Day
11 – National Milk Day
12 – National Marzipan Day
13 – National Peach Melba Day
13 – National Rubber Duckie Day
13 – Make Your Dream Come True Day
14 – National Hot Pastrami Day
14 – Dress Up Your Pet Day
15 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
15 – National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
15 – National Hat Day
16 – National Fig Newton Day
16 – International Hot And Spicy Food Day
16 – National Nothing Day
16 – Appreciate A Dragon Day
17 – National Hot Buttered Rum Day
17 – Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day
18 – Winnie The Pooh Day
19 – National Popcorn Day
20 – National Cheese Lovers Day
20 – National Buttercrunch Day
20 – Disc Jockey Day
21 – National Granola Bar Day
21 – National Hug Day
21 – Squirrel Appreciation Day
21 – International Sweatpants Day
22 – National Blonde Brownie Day
22 – Celebration Of Life Day
23 – National Pie Day
23 – National Rhubarb Day
24 – National Peanut Butter Day
24 – Global Belly Laugh Day
24 – Beer Can Appreciation Day
24 – Talk Like a Grizzled Prospector Day
25 – National Irish Coffee Day
25 – Opposite Day
26 – National Peanut Brittle Day
26 – National Spouses Day
27 – National Chocolate Cake Day
27 – Punch The Clock Day
28 – National Blueberry Pancake Day
28 – National Kazoo Day
29 – National Corn Chip Day
29 – Curmudgeons Day
29 – International Puzzle Day
30 – National Croissant Day
31 – Backward Day
31 – Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

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