Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Food Jobs abound for Foodservice Brand Managers

Unbounded opportunity for food marketing brand managers is developing in the Grocerant niche (prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat better for you food). The unheralded stellar performance produced by national private label product brand managers established metrics for future success. In the recent issue of Consumer Reports (October 2009) in a head-to-head qualitative blind taste test 29 store branded food products were tested. Get this, 23 of the 29 private label vs store branded products scored as good as or better than the national brand.

Grocerant food that is ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat is now finding it’s way in large store formats like Safeway’s Lifestyle stores, HEB’s Central Market, Harris Teeter and Buehler’s. Utilizing traditional category management techniques all of these companies are seeing success. However those that have incorporated Brand Marketing into their food offerings and positioning strategy have seen increased customer frequency and niche margins rise.

The same is occurring in the Convenience store side with companies like AMPM bundling meal deals and new products, and Quick Trip growing with solid consistent product offerings.

Branding the food offerings will bring with it the opportunity to build top-line revenue and bottom-line profits. Watch for Brand Managers being hired in all of these channels for both product development, daypart and in-store sections. Grocerant program assessments and product opportunity analyst available at Foodservice Solutions, Tacoma WA or leave a comment.

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