Friday, December 4, 2009

Food shoppers psyche: from outer fringe to main street consumer are cutting back.

In a recent report by HealthFocus® International entitled Grocery Buying in the Current Economy there was alarming news for anyone in the retail food business. Consumers are cutting back on purchases at Grocery stores, Convenience stores and Restaurants. In large part due to the rising unemployment, uncertainty in positive changes to our current economic conditions. 56% of all consumers have or are cutting back! Here is the list of where respondents to the study say they are cutting first:

1. Fast Foods 79%

2. Pizza Delivery 75%

3. Soda’s 70%

4. Grocery store prepared meals 66%

5. Cookies 62%

6. Beef 59%

7. Ice Cream 59 %

8. Chocolate 58%

9. Frozen Snacks 57%

10. Alcohol 52%

What is quite apparent is consumer are concerned. First about there the economy second about their health. Consumer want better for you food and better for you products. I continue to believe that the new promo from Kentucky Fried Chicken 395 calories for a price of $3.95 will be a big hit. More important it will spur many other to copy this new formula.

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