Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Burger King Is Finding Success

Burger King has found it’s footing within the ‘better for you’ fresh prepared grocerant niche according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™.  Burger King understands that ‘better for you’ has more than one meaning to its customers according to our Grocerant Guru™.  

Chicken has the halo of ‘better for you’ even when it is fried according to Steven Johnson Foodservice Solutions® developer of The FIVE P’s of Food Marketing.  Burger King is having tremendous success with chicken specifically 10 piece Nuggets priced at $1.49.  Regular readers of this blog and industry insiders know that Price is one of The Five P’s of Food Marketing and particularly important today.  

Burger King has double down supporting customer’s desire for ‘better for you’ Ready-2-Eat menu items featuring chicken bringing back Chicken Fires.  Many companies have miss judged customers perception of fried chicken menu items.  Foodservice Solutions® team has found that customers “don’t like to cook fried food at home, and prefer to buy it while dinning out”. The halo of ‘better for you’ extends to fried chicken according to Foodservice Solutions® studies. 

One of the hallmarks of the grocerant niche is mix and match meal bundling and once again Burger King understand that customers like to customize a family meal with mix and match options.  Once again Mix and Match meal components are also ‘better for you’ according to customers.
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