Sunday, July 19, 2015

Marketing Software For Restaurants Garnering Attention

Mobikon, is software developer that has its sights set on the food and beverage industry, recently received $2.3 million in new funding led by returning investor Jungle Ventures.  Mobikon, which makes cloud-based software to help restaurants manage marketing is off and running in multiple Asian countries right now. 

Mobikon’s new automated marketing software, which was tested in over 100 venues during its pilot program, is designed to make it easy for restaurants to run targeted campaigns. For example, businesses can set it so customers who give good feedback receive an invitation to a referral program. It can also notify managers when a VIP customer makes a reservation, so they can give them perks like a complementary bottle of wine.

Currently Mobikon’s platform, which is used by chains including Swensen’s, Pizza Express in India, and Red Crab Group, currently handles 65,000 reviews and more than 600,000 diners every month. Founded in 2009, Mobikon did not intend to target the food and beverage industry, says Khadepaun. The company’s intention was to build a customer feedback platform for retail businesses that would be completely accessible on mobile devices.

“There are a lot of players built to solve different problems, but what is happening is that restaurants are being bombarded with different players trying to sell them multiple platforms, so some restaurants have seven to eight dashboards for reservations, ordering, and accounting systems,” Mobikon plans to simplify the process.
Cities in India, Manila, and Kuala Lumpur are Mobikon’s biggest growth markets, because more restaurants are springing up as the economy develops. Since they are new and don’t have legacy systems, many are open to managing their business with tech tools as soon as they open.

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