Thursday, April 7, 2016

Disruptive Grocer has Fresh Food Fast

Fresh food fast does not sound like anything new.  However when it an Omni-Channel grocery company it’s considered disruptive.  Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® stated “it’s hard to believe that a grocery stores than allows shoppers to place deli and prepared food orders at an in store iPad station the same way Wawa, McDonalds, and so many other retailers are using technology as being disruptive, but in grocery sector it appears to be.”  Our Grocerant Guru® applauds Yummy on integrating consumer relevance into the brand experience.

With the opening of its sixth store Yummy shoppers have an expanded opportunity visit a store in person rather than just ordering Online.  Yummy’s vision is to bring the convenience of same-day delivery to the consumer grocery experience.  Central to this vision, is the understanding that a successful fulfillment system must reliably fulfill orders "on-demand" rather than at the retailer's convenience.

The new store reflects the Yummy brands conventional side of its multi-channel operation.  Most consumer know that Yummy offers 30-minute delivery service They offer a complete selection of fresh produce, fresh meat, freshly prepared foods, packaged, gourmet and organic groceries, liquor, beer & wine.

Edifying customer relevance the new stores iPad self-service stations that allow shoppers to place orders with the deli and prepared foods counters while doing the rest of their shopping, edifying freshness, fast, fulfilling the brand promises. said it fills nearly 30,000 orders per month, with 20% sales increases in each of the last two years.  In our Omni-channel retail world Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat food that is delivered fast, friendly, with customization should be a requirement of all foodservice retailers.  It’s no wonder that Yummy is considered disruptive.  

Is your foodservice brand positioned to customer relevance, Omni-channel success or are you trying to do what you have always done and are your still doing it the same way? 

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