Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sheetz Excels Evolves as ‘Convenience Restaurant’

When you employ more than 17,000 people and operate more than 500 units and are the 19th largest c-store chain in the United States, the name of your company must be Sheetz.  The Sheetz family success in retail operations is stellar.  Sheetz has been and is a recognized leader in every sector that they have operated in.  That however does not mean the status quo is good enough.

Louie Sheetz the former Executive Vice President of Marketing current board of directors’ member stated “Our future is in a new format, which is the Sheetz ‘convenience restaurant’ that can operate independently of gasoline sales,”

Sheetz explained while speaking this month to the Carlisle Rotary Club in Carlisle, Pa., as reported in the Cumberland Valley Business Journal that  “You don’t make money in the gas business anymore,” with gasoline  “You do make people come to your parking lot. Gasoline really drives the food and beverage business, which is where your profit is.” Sheetz continued. 

Sheetz  has opened its first “convenience restaurant,” the Sheetz Café concept, on the campus of West Virginia University in March 2015, and announced just this week that a second Sheetz Café will be built in Indiana, Pa. The store—expected to open before fall classes begin Aug. 7 at nearby Indiana University of Pennsylvania—will open the door to beer sales for the chain.

Louie Sheetz is a skilled student of consumer trends.  He understands undercurrents of changed occurring in the retail food space and possess the ability, the vision, and know how to evolve his company into a successful grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat national retail leader. 

Success does leave clues and accepting the status quo is not a success clue at Sheetz.  Foodservice Solutions® team believes Sheetz is capable of becoming a national leader in the grocerant niche as a ‘Convenience Restaurant’ garnering customers from Grocery stores, Restaurants, and Drug Stores.  Success does leave clues and Sheetz is one of the clues. 

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