Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Is TCBY The RedBox of Restaurants

Who does not like frozen custard? TCBY has been the branded industry leader for the past 30 years and once again is positioning itself to expand the TCBY brand around the globe in new non-traditional locations. The internet is not the only technology that restaurant companies are paying attention too.  

TCBY has rollout a Frozen soft serve kiosk in the from a vending machine that dispenses up to two flavors and four toppings in multiple sizes, including one spoon per cup, all within 30 seconds of the items being selected. The system is operator programmable, linked real time for easy analytics, and sends real time service/maintenance email alerts.  

Jeff Werner CEO TCBY understands that automation allows TCBY to expand the brand in new non-traditional points for fresh food distribution including around resort hotel pools, baseball stadiums, concerts events both inside and outside, C-stores, Drug stores and bowling alleys. 

Branded foodservice operators are aware of the undercurrents of a dramatic increase in the minimum wage and this new self-serve kiosk created by Stoelting’s AutoVend  allows retailers to expand their brand value in new non-traditional locations while reducing labor cost.   

Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® believes that many operators will simply add this service outside of their existing building to drive sales 24 hours a day much like Outerwall does with its Red Box video rentals.
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