Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Donatos Halo of ‘Better for You’ Wings


Americans love their pizza. Very few ask what’s better than pizza? If there were to ask the most common answer is wings according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

Donatos fast, fresh, premium pizza with toppings Edge to Edge on its famous thin crust pizzas, Donatos is edifying its relationship with customer looking for that ‘one more thing’ but with the halo of ‘better for you’.  They are on the cutting edge of menu trends by pizza companies when it comes to offering options to fit various dietary needs elevating choice empowering interactive and participatory meal bundles.

With 261 locations coast to coast, Donatos made news in 2013 when it successfully launched gluten free crust system-wide in response to the growing demand from customers. Then, a year ago, Donatos answered the bell again by adding cauliflower crust to rave reviews and with it four new signature pizzas featuring plant-based sausage, becoming the first pizza delivery brand to market the new launch.

Grocerant niche mix & match meal component bundling drives top line sales and bottom-line profits and to build on that trend Donatos has added cauliflower wings to its menu lineup that already includes traditional and boneless wings. These wings, which utilize cauliflower florets, are oven roasted to perfection. They are served with a choice of four different dry rubs or three different sauces.

Donatos CEO Tom Krouse stated, "We are thrilled about the addition of cauliflower wings to our menu," ... "Plant-based foods are more in demand now than ever, and our menu innovation team continues to develop great products to meet our customers' needs."

Wings fit right in as they are hand held food for immediate consumption with added bold flavors consumers are looking for today. The extension of the wing category adds new variety to the Donatos menu, which includes oven-baked subs, fresh salads, appetizers, and desserts in addition to the brand's featured product – pizza. As an added convenience, all menu items are available for pick-up and delivery. Have you added the ‘halo’ of better for you to your menu?

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