Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Amazon’s Data Drives Fresh Food Fast with Reservations for Grocery Pick-Up or Delivery


On average, grocery shoppers buy approximately 260 different items at the grocery store throughout the year, with just over 100 of them food items. It’s interesting to note that grocery store typically stock, a much larger variety of products, with an average of 35,829 items.  According to Steven Johnson grocery stores understand just how diverse out country is and reflect the way we continue to be the melting pot.

Amazon’s new Recurring Reservations feature for groceries is designed to enhance convenience and freshness for shoppers.  Here are seven ways it can benefit consumers:

1.       Automatic Reservations: Customer can have their preferred pickup or delivery time automatically reservice each week.  Think about it, customization get it when you want it.

2.       Advanced Planning: Consumers can schedule the weekly delivery up to seven days in advance.  On vacation or a business trip, your food will be there when you are.

3.       Reservations Notifications: You get a reminder / notification two days ahead of pickup or delivery and another one an hour prior to delivery. 

4.       Customization: With Amazon’s Repeat Item’s feature, you can automatically add exactly what you want into your cart. Their system adapts to your preference milk once a week, coffee once a month.

5.       Flexible Modifications: No obligations, you can modify or cancel any order any time. Of your work schedule changes, not a problem, have a birthday party to attend, no problem.

6.       Pay at Checkout only: it’s the Amazon way.

7.       Add items anytime: You can add forgotten items at any point before an Amazon gig worker begins picking you food order.


Now then all that said, here are some reasons you may not want to go to the grocery store yourself:

1.       Grocery stores in America receive 29-30 million daily visits from Monday to Thursday.

2.       The average person spends nearly two hours a week shopping for groceries.

3.       In 2021, the average number of items on the shelf of a grocery store was 35,829.

4.       69 percent of consumers struggle to pay their grocery bill.

5.       The Food retailing industry in the US employs 4.8 million people.

6.       As of 2022, the US had 63,328 grocery stores.

7.       Today Mass merchants account for 26 percent of the US grocery business. (Costco, Sam's Club, BJ’s)

Now then, Johnson believes the grocery sector is evolving fast and Amazon’s Recurring Reservations streamlining the food shopping experience will simply speed up the evolution and development of the grocerant niche.  

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