Friday, April 12, 2013

America’s Evolving Food Marketplace Direct to You.

Is it any wonder Google, Amazon and General Mill have all started home food delivery of branded meals or groceries direct to your home? These non-traditional food retailers understand the importance of the fact that 50% of Americans over the age of 18 are single.  They are now in direct competition with grocery stores and restaurants but most of those food retailers are not concerned about it. 
I think they should be and have been consulting, speaking and writing about it since 1991. Recently my friends at The Hartman Group completed a study with complementary information valuable to all within the grocerant niche or all that should be.  Here is some of what they found:
“One of the most compelling findings drawn from our occasion work is just how our collective eating happens alone. Perceptive marketers will want to set aside traditional images of the family gathered around a table for a shared meal. Think about this little known gem we unearthed in mining our Hartman Eating Occasions Compass database: three out of every four times an adult eats in this country are outside the context of the family.
With such profound change now occurring, why is it the food industry has yet to fully grasp the implications of these big three eating occasions: snacking, eating alone, and convenience?
America’s eating habits are in flux, having profound impact on the marketplace:
eating as a family has taken on new meaning (and a new set of dynamics). Seventy-eight percent of family eating occasions (these exclude “couples only” occasions) involve only adult family members (no kids under 18), up from 72 percent in 2010

we are all eating alone at unprecedented levels

role of Mom in shopping for occasions other than family is very different

nearly two-thirds of convenience (occasion takes place within an hour of purchasing the food/beverage consumed) occasions are for snacks 

close to half (45 percent) of primary shoppers are now men

For more fact based data on this report; Understand Culture, Unlock the Secret of the Eating Occasion here is a direct link:

The consumer is dynamic not static, Walgreens, General Mills, Google, Amazon are serious competitors within the retail fresh food space.  Is your company LOOKING A CUSTOMER AHEAD? We are.

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