Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food Stamps Don’t Hurt Restaurant Sales.

Ready-2-eat restaurants continue to attract customers even when the customers have no jobs.  David Decker reported in a recent survey by Restaurant DemandTracker that in the United States “Households with two full-time job-holders visit restaurants 5.8 times and spend $74 per week, on average. Households with only one full-time job-holder visit restaurants 5.2 times and spend $54 per week on average. Households with only part-time job-holders visit restaurants 5.0 times and spend $41 per week, and households with no wage-earners at all visit restaurants 4.5 times and spend only $36 per week.”…

“Households with no wage earners are even likely to visit restaurants regularly. Those consumers in households with no wage earners were 37% less likely than dual-income households to visit Fine-Dining restaurants regularly, 34% less likely to visit Casual-Dining restaurants regularly, 30% less likely to visit Fast-Casual restaurants regularly, and 17% less likely to visit Quick-Service restaurants regularly.”

Clearly restaurant pricing plays a key role in where consumers eat.  The dollar menu will not be going away too soon.  With 47 million consumers on food stamps yet 4.5 visits a week to restaurants by households with no-wage-earners the opportunity to build brand loyalty is a guiding light for continued pricing competitiveness.

Foodservice Solutions® 5 P’s of food marketing: Product, Packaging, Placement, Portability and Price are the universal commonalities found within food retail and at times each of the P’s can play a greater role. Price continues to drive usage.

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