Friday, April 19, 2013

U.S. Shoppers at the Bottom of Global List for Fresh Food Shoppers.

In the recent Nielsen Shopper Trends Survey study covering 54 markets around the world with a total sample size of 87,000 respondents. The survey was conducted online or with face-to-face follow-up in home interviews found: “fresh foods a very important driver in the shopping decision.”…

“Fresh foods continue to maintain healthy sales contributions at retail. In fact, fresh foods can comprise between 30-60 percent of total food, grocery and personal care expenses on average, depending on country and type of fresh product. Let’s face it, fresh foods are high-traffic volume boosters.” Regular readers of this blog know that ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh prepared grocerant niche food works.

Nielsen Shopper Trends Study also found: “Asian shoppers were at the top of that range while U.S. shoppers were at the bottom as fresh foods constitute about 30 percent of grocery sales in the United States”.  The report was clear that it is fresh foods that set retailers apart from each other with a qualitative point of differentiation.

The study additionally identified , “ the top 10 drivers being enjoyable shopper experience; one-stop shopping; well-stocked inventory; good value for the money; pleasant store environment; excellent customer service; wide variety of products; high-quality fresh food; wide range of fruit and vegetables; and high-quality premium brands.”

Fresh food globally is a high-traffic builder the study found as the “average shopper heads to a market 2.5 times per week to buy fresh foods. Shopping trips are most frequent for the sub-category fruits and vegetables sector at an average of 3.2 times per week.”

Customer migration in the U.S. is underway as consumers are in the process of switching their buying locations.  The Nielsen survey, found “shoppers are showing a slight trend away from traditional supermarkets and more toward supercenters and club and warehouse stores”.

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