Friday, September 12, 2014

McDonalds Leaders, Legends, and Legere

McDonalds Corporation is a global icon, industry sector leader that has been resting on legends.  Leaders lead.  It’s time that Donald Thompson create some new legends. I believe that he is about too.  Don’t forget McDonalds owned, honed and positioned Chipotle Mexican Grill for outstanding success. That is a success clue no one should forget.

Thompson is well aware of the industry responsibility, leadership role, and market position McDonalds has cultivated.  We think Thompson should remove some of the gentlemanly gloves and come out to dominate first the QSR space, secondly the fresh prepared food space.  In fact Foodservice Solutions™ Grocerant Guru™ believes Thompson should act more like T-Mobile’s hard-charging CEO John Legere. Who is eating legacy industry leaders lunch.  I know McDonalds is not in fourth position rather they remain in first, however it’s time to step and stand out once again.

It’s time McDonald’s leveraged its locations, and product mix to displace copy-cat brands that simple follow the leader.  It’s time to put Burger King, Wendy’s, 7-Eleven, Starbucks, Wawa, and Subway on notice.  The once compliance, capitulating, compliant McDonalds is about to stir things up.

Here are what we think are the five things Thompson will integrate into McDonalds globally to drive top line sales and bottom line profits while edifying the entire system. 

  1. New Products (Food, Menu, Non-Food)
  2. New Packaging  (Less and Green)
  3. New Placement (Points of Distribution)
  4. New Portability  (Delivery-Hot-N-Cold)
  5. New Pricing (Higher Minimum Wage yet Maintain Price Value Leadership)

One thing that T-Mobile has taught us is leadership drives success.  Ray Kroc upset the status quo, created disruption, evolving retail foodservice into what we have today.  Look what the McDonald’s team helped create with Chipotle Mexican Grill.  They knew enough to allow the Chipotle vision to flourish and it has.  McDonalds vision is about to be reborn.

Foodservice Solutions® believes that Thompson is the one to take off the gloves, rekindle the fire and reclaim, the respect that McDonald’s has and continues to earn. Copy-cat concepts be forewarned. 

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