Thursday, September 25, 2014

Unconventional Innovative Meal Delivery Draws Consumers

Restaurants, Pizza Chains, Grocery stores understand that competition has undefined boundaries and you can lose your market share to someone you would never thought.  The Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat grocerant niche is evolving fast and competition is coming from new unconventional food companies all the time. Are you prepared for competition?

Burger King and Betty Crocker Kitchen both are two of the brands expanding boundaries by delivering meals directly to homes and offices.  Generations of Americans have grown up with meals that Mom created from a Betty Crocker Cookbook and have been taken to Burger King as kids.  Today, meal delivery is not just about pizza, or restaurants brands direct to consumer are edifying customer relationships one on one.
General Mills Home Delivery
General Mills the parent company of Betty Crocker Kitchens continues testing an on-line delivery service in Minneapolis, Minnesota focused on some of consumer favorite meals.  Today General Mills direct to consumer is offering “25 frozen meal options ranging from pot roast, meat loaf, chicken dishes, pastas and breakfast omelets to pancakes. Most of the meals involve a protein, starch and a vegetable, and they have less than 700 mg of sodium.”
Betty Crocker Kitchen meals arrive frozen and have ease of preparation as a focus. General Mills understands that 50% of U.S. adults are single so each of the frozen meals are in single-serving trays with easy-to-open packaging and simple heating instructions. Branded meals edify expand and edify customer relationships.
Burger King Expanding the Brand
Burger King is currently delivering via “BK Delivers” service in Washington D.C., Houston and New York City and in growing number cities across the United Stated. The Burger King Ready-2-Eat fresh prepared food is offered for lunch or dinner both at home and or office options. It’s as easy as Point, Click and Eat.
Burger King International has been delivering food in many different markets for years but this is the first for the United States. Burger King said that “Overall guest satisfaction scores have been extremely positive with our new delivery service”.  Burger King continues to evolve its offerings, packaging, and messaging around Ready-2-Eat fresh prepared meals that can be bundled for delivery.

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