Monday, October 10, 2016

Channel Blurring Restaurant, Grocery, C-stores Who’s Winning

Without doubt, there has never been a time in history that the ability of a consumer to move from one retail food channel to another for any meal period has been easier. Grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food is being offered at Pinkies Liquor stores, Ikea furniture stores, even clothing designers Armani, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren. Think we are done not a chance Chanel, Dunhill, and even Gucci has bistros.  

The fact is Foodservice Solutions® team understands that grocerant niche fresh food is in fashion. Just as Macy’s, Nordstrom’s Costco, and Walgreens.  How good does your fresh food look? Is your food fashionable? Is your brand garnering new consumers? Or should you be building incremental sales with your base consumers?  Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® Steven Johnson just might have success clues to help you defend your competitive strengths.

In retail foodservice there are some simple rules one of the foundational rules is the consumer is dynamic not static.  When the retail world is evolving faster than your brand you had better adapt or you risk losing
market share.  Is your team meeting consumers' changing expectations?
Foodservice Solutions® team has identified, quantified, and qualified four undercurrents driving the expansion of fresh food outlets and customer migration.  The four undercurrents are:
1.       Consumer’s expectations for fresh food for immediate consumption had evolved.
2.       The quality of fresh food offering at non-traditional retailers exceeds consumer’s expectations.
3.       Innovation in location drives food fissionability.
4.       Drug store fresh food in an increasing threat to all legacy food retailers.
At the last "Trends and Analysis of the Ever-Changing Convenience Retail Landscape," new insights were presented that edify Foodservice Solutions® team’s findings specifically that "Globally, we no longer can count on an influx of new shoppers. We can expect 61 percent of global retail sales growth to come from increased spending of our existing shoppers.”
Additional we learned that “Nearly every big-box channel has decided to move into a small box of some kind. Discount operators always had that smaller box and always competed with that lower price point, but drug has really increased its assortment to include more fresh foods and more services,.. Drug has a particular competitive advantage because there's the pharmacy shopper who will always have to go back to fulfill their pharmacy needs”.
With an aging population, a continues expansion of health care options and ongoing government subsidies driving millions of consumers into health insurance added to the fact that companies the ilk of Walgreens alone has an install base of 8,177 units selling legacy CPG food . Well you get our drift the competitive landscape is evolving fast. We ask are your customer counts increasing?  does grocerant niche business development.  We can help you identify, quantify and qualify additional food retail segment opportunities.  Has your company had a Grocerant ScoreCard completed?  Want one?  Call 253-759-7869 Email:

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