Sunday, October 9, 2016

Kono To-Go Fresh Eats Smaller Faster Fresher

Fresh fast and portable Kono USA the owner and franchisor of “The Original” Kono Pizza and Kono To-Go—Fresh Eats, Treats & Sweets franchise brands is driving growth in new non-traditional locations that are sure to please consumers.  Kono excels selling Ready-2-Eat fresh foods fast that are portable and fresh baked in just three minutes.

This holiday season Kono will open five new mall units of its on-the-go snack options popularized by a new snacking experience with customizable pizza and dessert options, all served in freshly baked dough cones. Each snack cone is filled with high-quality ingredients inspired by original Italian recipes and baked in just three minutes in the brand’s proprietary oven.

Kono USA Co-Founder David Ragosa “We are providing consumers with a fresh, unique and convenient new alternative to the standard snack options you see in malls and other venues,.. noting that the brand’s new line of dessert cones developed in partnership with Ghirardelli will be a hot item this holiday season.
Kono USA Co-Founder Carlo Ruggiero, adds, “When hunger hits, consumers will no longer have to settle for salty pretzels or unfulfilling popcorn. Instead, Kono To-Go’s snack cones are providing the flavor, the variety and the novelty that mall shoppers have been craving for so long.”
Grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food in new non-traditional locations continues to attract new entrants reducing footprint size, driving freshness faster.  Success does leave clues are you ready to drive incremental sales?

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