Monday, October 31, 2016

Denny’s Three C’s for Success

Well, the one thing we know already is that digital data and consumer discontent were not the three C’s of success for Denny’s.  However many times after your company experiences consumer discontent they step up in the minds-eye of the consumers refocusing, retooling, and refreshing and that is exactly what Denny’s has done according to the team at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.
Today’s consumer specifically Gen Z is tech-savvy to a fault in the minds-eye of those of us over a certain age.  Being socially connected through devices, restaurant operators are more likely to get their messages seen through digital platforms thus requiring restaurants to refocus and fresh while repositioning their marketing messaging and that has proven harder than it sounds.
A Pew Research Center survey found “ consumers ages 13 to 17, about a quarter of respondents said they were online all the time, and sent and received 67 texts a day, excluding other messaging channels like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.”
With that data in mind the marketing team at Denny’s went to work.  They probe, explored, and investigated consumer trends within foodservice.  The platform forming the three C’s are convenience, choice and customization,”  which are eerily similar to the foundation that is driving the success of the fast growing grocerant niche and will work well for the 1,750-unit Denny’s chain according to the Grocerant Guru®.
A Denny’s spokesperson stated “We call it the ‘Three C’s.’ They haven’t known a world without the ability to get things how they want it, when they want it, the way they want it.” To communicate that Denny’s fits the “Three C’s,” Denny’s communicating with Gen Z and Millennials through social media including Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.
“The expectations from a technology standpoint are high. Today’s and tomorrow’s customers grew up in a world when technology was just there. They didn’t evolve into it; it’s just an expectation.  Denny’s understands that customer is dynamic not static and they are becoming dynamic as well.
Denny’s goal is to be customer centric.  They aim is to expand the dialog with the consumer at all relevant points of interaction so the Denny’s brand has relevance and is interactive and participatory according to the team at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.  Here is an example that Denny’s provided “What we try to do in the digital and social space is to extend the diner booth — and the conversations that happen in the diner booth — to play directly into that Generation Z mentality”.  The team at Denny’s gets it!

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