Saturday, October 15, 2016

Foodservice Technology Enhances Customer Relevance

IInstagram, Foodgawker, Foodspotting, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, to name but a few are sites loaded with pictures of food.  Each site has grocery store fresh food, fast food, C-store, Drug store food, Liquor store food and much, much, more.  Today fresh prepared food is fashion according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® Steven Johnson.
To understand, interpret, and explore food consumers have turned to technology.  In fact “Seventy-nine percent of consumers agree that technology improves their restaurant experience”, according to a survey conducted by Toast Restaurant POS.
Toast Restaurant Technology in 2016 Dining Report, found “88 percent of participants report that they have placed an online order through a restaurant’s website, with 27 percent stating they use online ordering on a weekly basis. Further, 62 percent of respondents have chosen to place mobile orders using their smartphones or tablets when this technology option has been available”.
Chris Comparato, CEO of Toast  stated “Consumers overwhelmingly agree that technology is improving the way they engage with restaurants and enhances their overall dining experience” Additional findings include: 
1.        While 82 percent of diners still prefer receipts, 42 percent of diners today request to receive receipts via email, while 11 percent request mobile receipts.
  1. 42 percent of respondents have used mobile payments such as Apple Pay, LevelUp, Samsung Pay, etc.
  2. Delicious food remains the number one factor in a good restaurant experience according to 60 percent of diners, while quality service ranked second at 22 percent.
Success does leave clues and technology elevates the food experience with customer relevance according to the team at Foodservice Solutions®.  However nothing replaces the value of food that taste good.  Today, digital hand held marketing phone platforms, informational food sites, branded foodservice websites, and global food aggregator sites have expanded the immediate relevance of fresh prepared food.
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