Thursday, September 14, 2017

Why Grocerant Fresh Food Packaging Matters

The simple fact of the matter is consumers like to buy, select, mix, match grocerant niche fresh meal components into a perfect family meal and they want to do it in person.  However that does not mean that consumer prefer to shop at a grocery store over a restaurant, convenience store or a dollar store according to Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®, Steven Johnson.
Facts are important so here are some facts from s new survey by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). “The State of Grocery Shopping” found that 99 percent of adults buy some or all of their groceries in person.
Consumer want what they want and when they want it in fact according to survey consumers “seek immediate access to products (71 percent); prefer the ability to select fresh meat, dairy and produce (70 percent); and like to see product options and select all other items in person (69 percent).”
Tom McGee, president and CEO of ICSC stated that “Consumers are heavily invested in the types of food they purchase and they want to be able to select the best and the freshest to take home.” Regular readers of  this blog know that consumers desire for mix and match meal component bundling is the Key driver of customer migration too grocerant meal options and adoption.
When it comes to shopping behaviors, consumers on average shop at 5.4 different types of grocery retailers, with 93 percent of people patronizing discount department stores, like Walmart and Target, and 92 percent at traditional supermarkets for grocery purchases according to the ICSC however we know there are many more non-traditional fresh food outlets they visit as well.
Now this the ICSC study was looking at the grocery store sector and of the grocery store formats, traditional supermarkets have the most frequent visitors, with 55 percent making purchases at least once per week. Note: that the largest shares of infrequent shoppers buy occasionally (every few months) from small, specialty/gourmet food stores (76 percent) and high-end supermarkets (65 percent).
When it comes to buying meals and meal components at non-traditional outlets the team at Foodservice Solutions® has found that tier one consumers buy 4.6 times per week at their favorite non-traditional locations.  They are buying fresh, Ready-2-Eat or fresh Heat-N-Eat prepared food.  Why does packing matter?  Visualization will drive the path to purchase.

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