Sunday, November 24, 2019

7-Eleven Real Beef Burgers Will Attract New Customers.

Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® stated “7-Elevens ability to drive customer relevance leveraging the Price, Value, Fresh, and Service platform within a Limited Time Offer (LTO) is a success clue all food retailers should take note of.”
7-Eleven new LTO at select Dallas-Fort Worth area convenience stores includes three new slider-style sandwiches for only 99 cents. The cheeseburger, pulled pork and smoked turkey sliders feature artisan Hawaiian brioche rolls and are assembled and delivered daily from Village Baking Co., a local bakery.
Bob Frey, director of product development at 7-Eleven  stated "The new 7-Eleven sliders are craveable comfort food, great as a mini-meal, or hearty snack and easy to grab and eat on the run," … "Customers can choose a single slider or mix and match their favorites depending on how hungry they are. All of our grab-n-go hot foods are developed with the needs of customers' in mind — whether they're feeding a family or just themselves, picking up something to take to a party or eating in the car." 
Slider options include:
·         Cheeseburger — An all-beef patty, sharp cheddar cheese, fire-roasted onions and signature secret sauce.
·         Pulled Pork — Pulled pork slow-smoked over mesquite wood, blended with American-favorite Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce and topped with sliced pickles.
·         Smoked Turkey — Turkey breast flavored with a special blend of spices and slow-smoked over hickory wood, served with a tangy jalapeño ranch sauce.
Free toppings, including tomatoes, jalapeños and other items, are available for customization at the condiment bar.
Frey  continued, "People are busy and grabbing a bite when they can to eat at their desk, in their car or when they have a moment to spare," …"7-Eleven has long been a beverage and snack destination, and two out of three of our customers also purchase something to eat along with their drink. A slider, piece of pizza, mini-tacos, chicken wings or tenders can be a hearty snack to tide you over or, with a salad or cut fruit, a quick and easy meal. Sliders are a great addition to our hot foods menu and we think this little sandwich will have a lot of big fans." How are you engaging new consumers? Need more success clues?
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